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Joke: A Woman’s Way


A sign in a bank read: This bank is installing drive-through ATMs so clients can withdraw cash without leaving their vehicles. Please note that there are different procedures for male and female clients, so please follow the appropriate instructions for your gender.

Male Procedure
1- Drive up to the ATM
2- Lower your vehicle window.
3- Insert your card into the machine and enter your pin
4- Select the amount of cash required and hit “Enter”
5- Take your card, cash and receipt
6- Wind up your window and drive off

Female Procedure
1- Drive up to the ATM
2- Reverse and drive up again till your car’s window is next to the machine
3- Put your hand brakes on and wind down your window
4- Find your handbag. Empty all the content and pile them onto the passenger seat. Try to find your card
5- Tell the person you’re talking to on your phone that you’ll call them and hang-up
6- Try to fit your card in to the machine
7- Because your car isn’t close enough to the ATM, open your door to allow easier access to the machine
8- Insert your card
9- Re-inter your card the right way
10- Enter your pin, the amount of cash and hit “Enter”
11- Check your make-up on the machine’s rear view mirror
12- Retrieve your cash and receipt
13- Dig in your hand bag to find your purse and put the money in
14- Drive forward a few metres
15- reverse to the ATM, retrieve your card, give a dirty look to the irate male driver waiting behind you
16- Restart your already on engine and drive off. Call back the person you where talking to on your cell phone
17- Drive for 2-3 km. Remember to release your hand brake.


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